Mini-Load Disposal LTD


We hope that this site will answer many of the questions you may have regarding our waste management and roll-off services

How much room do I need to place a container?

Although we give you the container lengths, it takes more length to actually place the container. The bins “roll-off” the rear of the truck. This will require an additional 30 feet to 50 feet to place. On the street this will be approximately 4 car lengths.

I would like my container here, why won’t you put it there?

Our drivers have many years of combined service experience. We give them every latitude on placement of containers. But sometimes with the turn radius of the truck, and the length of the needed area, we cannot safely access certain areas. Also consider the rails on our trucks have to rise approximately 20 feet in the air to off-load our containers. Low hanging power lines, tree branches, car ports, or garages can impede this from happening. We do not like to tell you “it won’t go there”, but our expert drivers have the experience to ascertain a safe and proper placement.

Can the bin damage my property?

Yes. Our containers have large rollers on the rear of them that help them “roll-off” the back of the truck onto the ground. They weigh 3 tons and our trucks much more. We would prefer to place the bin on a level hard surface. Lawns may appear dry, but often with rain, the bin or our trucks can sink into the ground. Asphalt driveways under hot summer sun, can have divots left in them from the weight of the bin. We do place wood down for the bin rails to sit on. Often this will cut down on possible scratching or damage of your driveway, but we will not be responsible for damage done due to placement or pickup of our bins. We will not cross other neighbors property lines without a signed “property damage liability waiver form” signed from the property owner. We will not drive up over city sidewalks. Our drivers have the right to deny placement in areas that they deem “unsafe”.

How high can I fill the bin?

Based on the fact that all bins, by law, must be tarped in order to transport them. We ask that the bin not be filled higher than the sides to avoid delays at time of pickup. Any items above the top will be removed, or you will be requested to off load material before we can safely haul the bin.

How long can I keep the bin?

The bin can be kept for up to 7 days. Call us if you want to keep the bin any longer than the specified time frame. If we can spare the bin, we will gladly allow a few extra days.

Do I call the office for pickup?

Yes, you have to call the office to schedule pickups we do not pickup the bin until you phone and ask for it to be removed. If you are done with the bin earlier than expected, give us a call and we will schedule a removal.

What if I need another container?

Call us and we will get you an empty bin as soon as possible so that there is no down time, and you can continue to work. You will have to pay the same price for the second container. Our business works on pricing per bin, and is based on delivery/ pickup expenses, and the dumping fees which we pay.

How do I pay and do I have to be on location for delivery?

You must be on location if you have special placement instructions. Payment will be Visa or Mastercard only-the card # will be taken at time of placing order. Please be advised when you agree to accept our service, you agree to pay any extra fees when exceeding allowable tonnage limits. The entire industry works from a tipping tonnage system. When the bin is removed from your service address it is taken to a licensed transfer or landfill, it is weighed, and a dump ticket is given to the driver.

How much does it cost?

Generally, the cost of the bin depends on the type of material you are putting into the bin and the location we are sending the bin to. Please contact us and we will be pleased to give you a quote on the spot by telephone.